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Rules and Guidelines 


 Teen Fest 2024 is open to 9th through 12th graders within the specified age group. All participants must have a valid Student ID or a letter from their school as proof of their grade level.


Entry Submission Deadline: All entries for Teen Fest 2024 must be submitted no later than December 23, 2023. Late entries will not be considered.


Performance Categories: Participants can showcase their artistry in various performance genres, including but not limited to R&B, POP, Hip-Hop, and Gospel.


Parental/Guardian Approval Letter: As a minor, each participant must obtain written consent from their parent or legal guardian to enter Teen Fest. An official Parental/Guardian Approval Letter with a signature must be uploaded as part of the entry process. This letter confirms that the participant has their parent/guardian's permission to participate in the event.


Disqualification: Participants may be disqualified for any violations of the rules and regulations, including but not limited to content guidelines and code of conduct.


Compliance: All participants and their parents/guardians must agree to comply with the rules and regulations of Teen Fest 2024.

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